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The biggest hit of our reception was the photo booth which was the best. Everyone LOVED it!! It was more special than a regular photo booth. The photo quality is AMAZING and the pictures are uploaded online right away. All of our guests went crazy with it and they were able to download their pics online and keep them.  - Ian & Allison   - “biggest hit of our reception was the photo booth”

My Husband and I also rented his Photobooth for the wedding and it had RAVE reviews from our guests. It was great for both the kids we invited and the adults. Not only do we have the best candid shots of our friends and family (including my Husband's 84 year old grandma) but we had many guests say how much fun it added to the day. Unlike the typical small booth, it is a large backdrop (about 10-15 feet) and an actual high resolution camera with a remote control. We were able to have 12 adults fit in one picture!! - Jeff & Jenn - “The best candid shots”

This PhotoBooth is a must-have, everyone had so much fun and the pictures were so high-quality! It was absolutely amazing! Our guests loved it and so did we. I really feel that the addition of the photobooth along with our wedding photographer made our reception so much more fun and personal and I highly recommend them to anyone. - Mike - “This PhotoBooth is a must have”

One of the best things our photographer did was to recommend this photobooth company. It is a full backdrop unlike a traditional photobooth & it comes with a clicker to take your own photos. They brought so many props and our guests cannot stop talking about it even three months after the wedding. I loved this and so did the guests. Then, just a couple days after the wedding, they had given a slideshow of the photobooth too!! - Brent & Caitlin - “One of the best things …”

The photobooth was the hit of our party. We had people texting us asking when the photos would be up the next morning! They had them up on a private gallery, on facebook, & they even did a personalized slideshow for us within days. - Mike & Lauren - “The photobooth was the hit of our party”

The photo booth was a big hit, the images are super high quality, and there were enough props to ensure everyone had a good time. - Mary - “A big hit & the images are super high quality”